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About Us


Hull's Trace Wine & Gathering House

Hull's Trace Wine & Gathering House is a diverse and adaptable venue set in the beautifully restored  Dorney building (c. 1910) located just off State Route 68 in the village of Arlington, Ohio. Our building and grounds boast a warm and rustic feel for your next special event.

During the war of 1812, General William Hull brought troops up through Ohio on the way to Fort Detroit, with a short stop at Fort Findlay. The trip was treacherous and the troops created a corduroy road for their wagons and equipment. This road was known as "Hull's Trail" or "Hull's Trace." The road ran through what is now the village of Arlington, and passed right by where the Dorney building now stands. The venue name spotlights this interesting bit of Arlington history!

Do you already have an event planned outside of our venue that is serving alcohol? Purchase wine and beer through us!

Owners, Stephanie and Dan Rader, along with their staff, look forward to welcoming you and creating your next unforgettable celebration!

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